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Baby Scale

Baby Scale instruments are fundamental devices that allow to monitor the development of infants accurately. With the highest level of sensitivity, these scales provide accurate weight measurements for newborns, offering invaluable data on their health. In terms of size and ease of use, these scales are typically convenient and often include a comfortable secure surface for the child ensuring safety as well comfort. By virtue of their tremendous digital precision and dependability, Baby Scales provide parents and healthcare providers with a useful tool for monitoring weight gain or loss.

CGMS Baby Weighing Scale

Baby Bowl Size - 280 x 560 mm and ABS / PVC Plastic . Material of construction-ABS / PVC Plastic Battery Type-Rechargeable battery Calibration-Semi-automatic
Price: 1737.00 INR/Unit

Adult Weighing Scale With Two Side Support

Internal Resolution-1,60,00,000 Display Resolution-2,92,000 Display / Digit Type-0.56 Seven Segment Display Size-14 mm
Price: 7203.00 INR/Unit


Repeatability -0.019 %FS Internal Resolution-1,60,00,000 Battery Type-Rechargeable battery Mounting Type-Floor Mounting
Price: 2796.00 INR/Unit

Baby Cum Adult Weighing Scale

Display Resolution-2,92,000 Internal Resolution-1,60,00,000 Display / Digit Type-0.56 Seven Segment Display Size-14 / 18 mm
Price: 9000 INR/Kilograms

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